July 2nd – 13th 2020.

Rush Summer Selection is pleased to announce that we forming boys and girls teams of interested players to travel to Italy and compete in an international tournament.

This is our 19th year competing in this event. Last year we attended the World Cup and the Paris World games in France plus the San Marino Cup in Italy. 89 Players from 15 different Rush branches within US, Canada, and Mexico formed 8 teams. 27 came from our branches of CT.

Attached is a sample schedule. There is a free fundraiser to participate in that can raise up to $2500. Each players keeps 100% of the money they raise to help pay for his/her trip. The tour is full of great soccer training, international competition, historical sites and fun. Families have opportunities to enjoy the many sites too, in addition to watching their child/sibling compete on an international level.

If you’re interested in joining the roster, email John Salvatore at john@ctrushsoccer.com l. Provide the player’s full name, team in the club, date of birth and positions played. We will place you in national pool with the other Rush clubs and will contact you regarding placement for the event.





Hello John,
I wanted to reply to you about the trip to Italy. As a parent, I am so pleased with trip because I watched my son, Gabriel Legendre, grow in the sport of soccer and was driven by the professionalism/instructions of the coaches and the level of international teams.  He has continually talked about his experience and how much he has loved it. I truly hope he has the opportunity to get picked in the near future to join another tour I will send our ticket stubs in for the raffle. 
Thank you for all your support.

Tamara Legendre & Gabriel Legendre
Canada Rush

Hello from New Mexico!
Just a quick note to let you know, Aurelia our tour guide and the bus driver were outstanding.  Amazing, kind, diplomatic, flexibility and really insightful on the areas we visited. They were such wonderful host to all of us as we visited this incredible country
Thank you again for your help along the way.

Jody C. Garcia & Son Alejandro
NM Rush