Dear Coach / Manager:

Welcome! We expect you are reading this because your team has been accepted to the CT Rush Columbus Day Challenge. Please review the following information carefully, ALL OF IT IS IMPORTANT! Yes, it's lengthy, but 90% of what you will need to know is all here in one place!


Please note that your application is not complete until payment has been received. We will accept teams after their online application has been entered and their payment received.

Teams applying late or not accepted will be placed on a waiting list. If not ultimately accepted, any refunds will be issued after the event concludes.


Click here to book your hotel.


Rules of Play and conduct are found at: Rules and Regulations 

Your team is responsible for being familiar with the contents.

Major items: No smoking, no alcohol, no pets, no abusive behavior. Obey traffic directives. Please pick up your trash. Simple.


Click Here for Online Check in Information.


The schedule of games for the CT RUSH COLUMBUS DAY CHALLENGE will be posted on the Tournament website, as separate schedules covering individual Age BRACKETS that you will be able to print out.

Schedules and Results are accessible from the Schedule Homepage.

Please check and re-confirm the dates, times and fields of your games as soon as possible after they are posted. Within two weeks of the Tournament, any teams affected by changes in schedule will be notified by email. Team Contacts (as provided on your application) are responsible for checking their emails on a regular basis, especially the last week before the event, to ensure that no last minute communications are ignored.


All U9 boys and girls will receive participation medals. One big trophy and Champions medals  will be presented to each Bracket Champion U11-U15. Each finalist will receive a 2nd place medal.  Please come to the field HQ after your last game for a presentation if your team qualifies!


Click Here for Directions/Fields/Map tab.


We avoid cancelling games due to adverse weather if at all possible, and choose venues that have a high resistance to adverse conditions. So do not assume games are being cancelled without firm confirmation. Also, do NOT assume that the weather conditions outside your window are the same at the gamesite fields; experience has shown that weather patterns in our area can be highly localized.

In the event of lightning, we will cease play immediately. We may also suspend play in the event of a substantial downpour. Games in the second half will likely be declared as completed. Please have your team get to shelter, and have a system for contacting each team member. Twenty minutes after a stoppage, send ONE team representative to HQ, where we will inform all affected teams of the currentstatus of play, and when we expect to resume.

The primary online site for information during the event is the Tournament Schedule Homepage, where weather updates will appear as warranted.

When circumstances warrant, we will also leave updates on a Weather Hotline at 203.221.2216. Please do not try to leave messages on this number; it will not be monitored during the weekend.

Finally, if games are halted for lightning activity, then so are warm-ups on the field. Some past teams have exhibited a bizarre notion that lightning can strike during a game, but won't hit teams merely warming up on the same field before the "all clear" signal is given.


Whenever checking your online information, click REFRESH on your WEB BROWSER. This ensures you are seeing the actual information available online, and not a previously-memorized page being stored in your computer cache. (Failure to do so is the most common reason teams discover they have incorrect information.)

Please check your team account on www.GotSoccer.com and make sure there is a valid mobile phone number listed for the TEAM CONTACT PERSON INFORMATION. This will be the first number called if there is a scheduling or weather problem at the fields.

Finally, do NOT list the same person for coach, manager and team contact. If there is a problem in communicating with that individual, it is useful to have alternatives. That is the whole point for the system allowing multiple contact listings.

Some simple rules for each facility we use:

  •  Park only in designated spots. Do not park just anywhere. You may get ticketed! Or towed!  
  •  No smoking or alcoholic beverages anywhere near the fields.
  •  Please pick up your trash. The pitch is sacred ground, and shouldn’t be buried in discarded water bottles and wrapping  tape. 
  •  Cooperate with tournament officials and field marshals. Anyone caught abusing the above items will be evicted from the  premises, and it may lead to early termination of an offending team’s participation. Sorry to sound restrictive, but there is  no reason to feel constrained if everyone uses common sense. Thanks for your cooperation. We are looking forward to an  exciting tournament!