Getting College Right, Playing College Sports, and Saving College Costs 

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Your Path to College Success and Satisfaction is paved in our 3 foundational principles-


1.   Visit the Right Colleges

2.   Meet the Right People

3.   Ask the Right Questions


We’re excited to partner with GetCollegeRight and Hans Hanson to be a valued resource for our Club in helping you visit the right colleges and meet the right people, submit applications and win admissions, create advantages and earn scholarships, and for athletes, be recruited and play college sports.  


Hans is a long time National College Advisor, Founder of GetCollegeRight and CollegeLogic, author of 2 books and many published articles, speaker to more than 30,000 people, and saver of thousands on college costs to families across America. He is well-equipped to help you achieve your college goals. 


You know how much we value working from a college list. Hans says-


“Having a college list forms the foundation from which everything else happens proactively.

Without a college list, you are left to being reactive and leaving it all to chance.”


To speak with Hans regarding your college goals, qualifications, interests, and needs, our CT Rush-families are offered a free half-hour College Review & Strategy Call with Hans. 


Schedule your College-call with Hans right here.




If you’d like to gain an immediate advantage, watch this College-Educational Webinar where 50 Minutes Can Save You $50,000-



Getting your child into the right college, with the right opportunity, and at the right cost is hard, but collectively, we can get it done…Hans has joined our team to help you and your family achieve your desired outcomes. 

Thank you,


CT Rush