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Would you like to develop a direct marketing connection with 700+ kids ages 5-18 in Connecticut and their family members?  You can do this through a CT Rush Soccer sponsorship. CT Rush is looking for individuals or businesses to sponsor the club or sponsor specific events.


What is the purpose of this?

  • Help reduce player membership fees.
  • Help to reduce the cost of player uniforms.
  • Provide scholarship funding to cover the cost for players that cannot afford tuition fees.
  • Help cover the cost of international trips, tournament, hotel & travel cost.
  • Help fund travel costs for players that are selected for the select and national programs.
  • Provide funding for coaches education so that coaches can continue to gain qualifications to become better teachers of the game.
  • Help CT Rush provide better resources for players such as; cones, ladders, small sides goals, pennies etc.


Benefits of sponsoring CT Rush?

  • CT Rush is applying for a 501c3 non-profit to serve families across Connecticut.
  • CT Rush naturally fits into the daily lives of our soccer families in Fairfield County, Watertown, Guilford (Shoreline) and Farmington, which provides an organic way to participate with -- and market to – families.
  • You can implement measurable marketing campaigns that build trial and loyalty, or simply advertise, to our 700+ players ages 5-18 and their family members with access to over 10,000 emails in our database.
  • We can encourage our members and drive business in your direction.
    Your company logo/business name can be displayed on our members’ uniforms for advertising purposes.

Why youth soccer?

  • Soccer is growing rapidly in the US and is the most played youth sport in the country.  With over 3 million participants just in sanctioned organizations, it is larger than traditional sports such as basketball and football. 
  • Soccer offers engagement at every level.  It is appealing to kids of all abilities and encourages them to be outdoors and active: two major challenges with youth these days.
  • Soccer is one of the few sports that spans gender, ethnicity, income and geography. 


Why CT Rush?

  • Connecticut  Rush is part of Rush Soccer, the world’s largest youth soccer club with over 41,000 members in 34 states and over 26 countries!  All levels of soccer from recreational to competitive, plus special needs.
  • Since 2002, Rush Soccer has been committed to the development of healthy youth ages 3-18 through the game of soccer with a firm belief in the value of sports in promoting the physical, mental and social well-being of our children.
  • Rush operates with 11 core values:  Respect, Unity, Safety, Humility, Leadership, Empathy, Accountability, Passion, Tenacity, Enjoyment and Advice.


Start growing:

  • Commit to a multi-year agreement for a sustained marketing and conversion program that is more likely to generate brand loyalty and increased consumption.


How to become a sponsor?

Contact   (CT Rush Executive Director)